Thursday, August 16, 2012

Restaurant d' en Bahí in La Pera, Costa Brava

I’ve been enjoying my trip to the Costa Brava a lot. People are nice and offers you advice and suggestions about good places in the area. We do the same in Internet, recommend to other travelers the really good places and share the experience.
Next to one of the main roads going from Girona to most of the important towns and beaces in the Costa Brava I found this familiar restaurant. In Spain is very common to find “menú” in labor days (monday to friday), a cheaper menu consisting in first and second dish, dessert and drink. For 11 Euros I had a fantastic meal.
Service is really quick and effective. I like when I don’t have to wait at all for eating, so I can decide for myself the rithm of my meal. Inside they have 3 different dinning rooms, all of them very nice, stoned walls and wood furniture. The outdoor terrace is also great for dinner at summer. I went for lunch and stayed inside. I got a fresh melon soup with crunchy iberic ham, pretty simple but amazing taste, very refreshing in the hot august. Second dish was a steak with roquefort sauce, also great. They told me from memory en extense dessert carte. I chose a natural banana juice with cream.
They have a big dinning room for special celebrations and where they serve amazing breakfasts every morning from 8 in the morning.
A tea at the terrace for a perfect finish. Highly recommended specially if you’re in the area and planning a visit to Girona or any of the Baix Emporda villages and beaches.

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